How to Permanently Delete Teladoc Account: Step-By-Step

Have you ever signed up for an online service, used it for a bit, but then decided it wasn’t for you? Maybe you wanted to save a few bucks or were concerned about your privacy. Whatever the reason, deleting your account can sometimes be a hassle.

That was my experience when I decided I no longer needed Teladoc, the telemedicine service that connects you with doctors for virtual visits. I had set up an account to get a consultation, but soon realized I preferred seeing my physician in-person.

If you also want to delete your Teladoc account, it’s not as simple as clicking a “delete” button. Teladoc doesn’t give users direct control to remove their information. To fully erase your account, you need to directly contact Teladoc’s customer support team.

In this article, I’ll walk through the steps I took to permanently delete my Teladoc account. I’ll also discuss some key things to know beforehand, like downloading your medical records and managing active subscriptions. With some patience and the right approach, you can say “goodbye” to your Teladoc account for good!

How To Delete Your Teladoc Account

Deleting your Teladoc account is not as simple as removing an app from your phone. To fully erase your account and health information, you need to directly contact Teladoc’s customer support team.

Here are the key steps to permanently deleting your Teladoc account:

Step 1: Know What’s Going to Happen

Before you delete your Teladoc account, it’s important to understand what will happen. Deleting your account means all your personal info and medical history will be gone from Teladoc forever. If you have a subscription, make sure to cancel it before deleting your account.

Step 2: Get in Touch with Teladoc

There are a few ways to talk to Teladoc:

Step 3: Ask Them to Delete Your Account

Once you’ve talked to Teladoc, ask them to delete your account. If you live in Europe or the UK, there’s a “right to erasure” law that lets you ask companies like Teladoc to delete your data, and they have to do it within a month. If you’re in California, you can use the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) to make Teladoc delete your data, or they might get fined.

Step 4: Make Sure It’s Done

After you ask Teladoc to delete your account, they should tell you it’s done. That’s your confirmation that your account is gone.

Cancelling Your Teladoc Visit:

  • Website: To cancel an upcoming visit via the Teladoc website, please sign in to your account. Navigate to the “Upcoming Visit” details displayed on your homepage. Locate the “Cancel Visit” button and click to confirm cancellation.
  • Mobile App: The mobile app cancellation process mirrors the website. Launch the Teladoc Health app, locate your scheduled visit within your account, and select the “Cancel Visit” option.

Teladoc Account Termination:

Teladoc reserves the right to terminate accounts under specific circumstances. Common reasons for account termination include:

  • Repeated requests for consultations regarding chronic conditions deemed unsuitable for online management.
  • Requests for controlled substances, which fall outside Teladoc’s prescribed scope of practice.

Teladoc Cancellation Fees:

Please note that cancelling a Mental Health visit within 24 hours of the scheduled appointment or failing to attend without notice may incur a cancellation fee. Cancellation policies for other types of visits may vary. For accurate information, consult Teladoc directly.

Teladoc Data Security:

Teladoc prioritizes data security and patient privacy. The platform leverages industry-standard security protocols to safeguard user information. Patient communications with licensed professionals and Teladoc service providers are recorded and logged for documentation purposes. However, recordings are not accessed for any purpose beyond ensuring quality care delivery and adhering to regulatory requirements.

Telehealth Location Tracking:

While the Teladoc platform itself does not track user location, certain remote patient monitoring devices utilized for specific conditions (e.g., Alzheimer’s disease) may employ GPS technology for enhanced care delivery. It is recommended to review the privacy policy of any telehealth service and associated devices before use.

Teladoc Medical Record Access:

Teladoc maintains patients’ Protected Health Information (PHI) in accordance with applicable regulations. This information is readily accessible within the secure “Member Portal” section of your Teladoc account. You are empowered to download and retain your medical and consultation history at your convenience.

Teladoc International Availability:

As of 2024, Teladoc does not currently facilitate telemedicine consultations for individuals residing outside their registered address country. However, Teladoc Global Care offers service to existing members who relocate overseas and maintain an international address.

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Top 10 Teladoc Alternatives To Consider

Telehealth has revolutionized healthcare accessibility, bringing doctor visits directly to your fingertips. But with so many options available, navigating the diverse landscape can be overwhelming. Worry not, for this guide spotlights ten prominent telemedicine providers to help you find the perfect match for your needs.

1. Amwell: A pioneer in the field, Amwell (formerly American Well) boasts a vast network of licensed physicians ready to tackle various non-emergency health concerns.

2. OneMedical: Seeking personalized, comprehensive primary care? OneMedical, a membership-based service, offers convenient appointments with dedicated physicians who manage your complete health picture.

3. Sesame Care: Transparency reigns supreme at Sesame Care, where upfront pricing eliminates surprise bills. Choose from a curated network of specialists and schedule consultations with confidence.

4. PlushCare: PlushCare caters to both primary care and mental health needs, with a focus on affordability and accessibility. Connect with experienced healthcare providers without leaving your comfort zone.

5. Amazon Care: As the name suggests, Amazon Care caters primarily to Amazon employees, offering virtual consultations and even onsite urgent care services.

6. Walmart Health Virtual Care (formerly MeMD): Convenience meets affordability at Walmart Health Virtual Care. Access a wide range of healthcare services at competitive prices, all from the comfort of your home.

7. HealthTap: Get instant access to top doctors through HealthTap’s diverse platform. Choose from video, text, or voice consultations and benefit from their extensive library of health information.

8. MDLive: A well-established player in the telemedicine game, MDLive offers on-demand healthcare delivery, catering to urgent and non-urgent medical needs alike.

9. Included Health (formerly Doctor on Demand): This comprehensive platform features a range of healthcare services, including primary care, urgent care, and specialty consultations. All conveniently accessible through their user-friendly app.

10. CrelioHealth: Focusing on chronic disease management, CrelioHealth empowers patients with convenient access to specialists and personalized care plans.

Bonus: For therapists seeking a streamlined practice management solution, SimplePractice offers comprehensive tools to manage appointments, billing, and communication, all in one intuitive platform.

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