How To Delete AdultFriendFinder Account & Cancel Subscription

AdultFriendFinder (AFF) is one of the world’s largest adult dating and entertainment sites, with over 80 million members. This guide will walk you through everything you need to know about managing your AFF account.

Table 1: AFF Membership Types

FreeCreate a profile, limited searchingFree
GoldAd-free browsing, advanced messaging$39.95/month
PlatinumProfile highlighting, live streaming$59.95/month

Managing Memberships and Subscriptions

AFF offers both free and paid memberships that grant different levels of access and privileges. Here’s what you need to know:

How To Delete and Close AdultFriendFinder Account?

Follow these easy steps to permanently delete your AdultFriendFinder account:

  1. Log into your AdultFriendFinder account
  2. Click on your username at the top right of the homepage. Select “My Account” from the dropdown menu.
  3. Under “Manage Account“, choose the option for “Close Account“.
  4. On the next page, click the button that says “Please Delete My Account“.
  5. Enter your current account password when prompted and click “Submit“.
  6. Write a short note stating why you wish to delete your account and click “Submit“.

That’s it! After following these steps, your AdultFriendFinder profile, messages, photos, and any other account data will be permanently removed from their system. Your account cannot be recovered once these deletion steps are completed. It’s a quick and straightforward way to fully close your AdultFriendFinder account.

How To Cancel AdultFriendFinder Membership:

To cancel your AdultFriendFinder subscription, you have to turn off the auto-renewal feature. This will cancel your payment method. It is suggested that you turn off auto-renewal prior to deleting your account. This must be done from a computer browser, not a mobile device. Follow the steps below:

  1. Log into your AFF account and go to “My Account
  2. Click “Manage Subscription
  3. Select “Cancel Subscription” and confirm

Your membership will remain active until the billing cycle ends.

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How To Turn Off AdultFriendFinder Auto-Renewal

By default, paid AFF memberships auto-renew at the end of each billing cycle. To disable:

  1. Go to “My Account
  2. Click “Manage Subscription
  3. Toggle off the “Auto Renew” option

Without auto-renewal, your membership will expire at the end of the current billing period.

Tip: You can also manage subscriptions and billing through your Payment Account Dashboard.

Table 2: Account Deletion Effects

Data RemovedData Retained
Profile detailsAnonymized activity logs
Photos/videosTransaction records
MessagesLegal and regulatory data
Friends/contactsAnonymous analytics

Unsubscribing and Opting Out

You can control the notifications you get from AFF:

  • Go to “Email Settings” and uncheck any unwanted email types
  • Click “Unsubscribe from All” to opt out completely

Your account will remain active unless you delete it.

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Troubleshooting and Support

Some common AFF account issues and solutions:

Reach out to AFF customer support via email for any account-related concerns. Provide your username and details.

Additional Resources

With the proper account settings, you can have full control over your AFF membership, communications, and privacy. Take advantage of these management options for the optimal experience.


This guide serves as a comprehensive resource for effectively managing an AdultFriendFinder account. By outlining the platform’s features, membership options, and communication tools, users can make informed decisions to enhance their online dating experience. With its emphasis on privacy, legitimacy, and diverse interaction opportunities, AdultFriendFinder stands as a secure and dynamic platform for individuals seeking to connect and foster meaningful relationships in a welcoming online community.


Q1: Will My Subscription Be Cancelled When I Delete My Account?

Yes, deleting your account on AdultFriendFinder will typically result in the cancellation of your subscription. However, it’s advisable to ensure that you turn off the auto-renewal feature before deleting your account to avoid any unexpected charges.

Q2: You wish to stop receiving emails from the Adult Friend Finder team?

Yes, you can control the emails you receive from Adult Friend Finder by adjusting your email settings within your account. You can choose to unsubscribe from specific types of emails or opt out completely from receiving any communications from the platform.

Q3: Adult Friend Finder, a scam?

While Adult Friend Finder has faced criticisms and controversies in the past regarding data security and privacy issues, it is not inherently a scam. It is a legitimate online adult dating site with a large user base. However, users should exercise caution, follow safety guidelines, and be mindful of their privacy when using the platform, as with any other online service.

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