How To Cancel Baby Face Generator Subscription & Account Deletion

Basic Information About Baby Face Generator:

Email Support[email protected]
Company Address815 N. Royal St. Suite 202, Alexandria, VA 22314
Owner/DeveloperLuxand, Inc.

Have you fallen victim to yet another app subscription you don’t use anymore? Before those sneaky renewal charges hit again, it’s time to pull the plug on your Baby Face Generator account. Even if you had fun morphing selfies of you and your partner into simulated images of potential future children, keeping an inactive subscription is just giving away your hard-earned money.

In this guide, we’ll walk you through the quick steps to avoid renewal fees and get your account removed for good. You’ll outsmart the app’s developer and their tactics to keep collecting those monthly—or even weekly—payments. Best of all, you can use the same methods to cut ties with any app siphoning money from your bank account.

Ready to break up with Baby Face Generator for good? Let’s get started.

How To Cancel Baby Face Generator Subscription On Iphone/Ipad

Cancelling a Baby Face Generator subscription on an iPhone or iPad is straightforward through the App Store settings. Just navigate to your subscriptions menu and locate the app.

  1. Open the Settings app and tap your Apple ID banner at the top of the screen.
  2. Select “Subscriptions” and tap on “Baby Face Generator” in the active list.
  3. Tap “Cancel Subscription” and confirm your choice.

How To Cancel Baby Face Generator Subscription On Android Device

You can quickly stop recurring charges from Baby Face Generator in the Google Play store if you subscribed on an Android device. The subscription manager makes it easy.

  1. Open the Play Store app and tap the hamburger menu icon in the top left corner.
  2. Choose “Subscriptions” and select the Baby Face Generator entry.
  3. Tap “Cancel subscription” and follow the cancellation prompts.

How To Cancel Baby Face Generator Subscription On MAC

On a Mac computer, App Store subscriptions like Baby Face Generator can be cancelled directly through your account management portal with a few clicks.

  1. Click your Apple ID in the toolbar and select “View Information” in the dropdown menu.
  2. In your account page, click “Manage” under the Subscriptions section.
  3. Locate Baby Face Generator, click “Edit”, then tap “Cancel Subscription.”

How To Cancel Baby Face Generator Subscription On Paypal

If you initially subscribed to Baby Face Generator directly via PayPal, you can terminate recurring payments through your PayPal account settings dashboard.

  1. Log into your PayPal account and click on “Settings” in the top menu bar.
  2. Click “Payments” in the menu, then click “Manage Automatic Payments.”
  3. Locate the Baby Face Generator subscription and click “Cancel” to stop payments.

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Baby Face Generator Pricing Plans

Baby Face Generator offers users a 3-day free trial period to test out their face morphing and baby image generation features. After the trial, an auto-renewing weekly subscription is offered to continue accessing the app. As seen in the pricing breakdown below, the weekly subscription costs $9.99 and continues indefinitely until canceled at least 24 hours before renewal. The app does warn users that a small temporary authorization charge may be processed during the free trial but released after the 3 days.

3 Day Free Trial$0.003 days– Users get 3 days of free access to try the app
– A temporary $0.00 or $1.00 authorization charge may be issued but is released back
1 Week Subscription$9.991 week– After free trial, subscription auto-renews each week for $9.99
– Must be canceled 24+ hours before renewal to avoid being charged
First 3 Days$0.003 days– The first 3 days after installing the app are free

How to Delete Baby Face Generator Account

Baby Face Generator does not make it easy to fully delete your account. You mainly have to reach out to their customer support and request removal.

  1. Get the app developer’s contact details here
  2. Send an email to [email protected] asking to delete your account
  3. Include your name, email, and any other account details they request

What is Baby Face Generator

Baby Face Generator is an app that allows users to create simulated baby photos by blending attributes from two adult face photos. Key features include:

  • Upload photos of two adults and morph them into one baby image
  • Adjust gender, age, complexion and more of simulated baby
  • Save and share created baby images
  • Change adult source photos to create alternate baby previews
  • In-app subscriptions unlock unlimited image generation

Baby Face Generator Refund Policy

Baby Face Generator clearly states in its terms of service that it does not offer any refunds for subscription fees once purchased. This strict no-refund policy applies even if you decide to cancel the subscription early and have time left in the current billing cycle.

By signing up for recurring subscription payments, you are agreeing to pay the advertised price for full access during each subscription period. Requests for prorated refunds if you cancel mid-cycle will not be granted.

The developers behind Baby Face Generator believe their face generation features and entertainment value offered are well worth the weekly or annual prices charged. Though you may cancel at any time to halt future renewal fees, the service feels already delivered access should not be refunded.

So before confirming any paid subscription, first take advantage of the free 3-day trial period to evaluate Baby Face Generator’s capabilities more closely. Confirm the automated renewal schedule and prices work for your budget before purchasing. And carefully consider whether you are comfortable with a no-refund policy after subscribing.

The ability to immediately cancel to avoid being charged again shows some flexibility. But the lack of prorated or post-cancellation refunds is a strict policy you must accept to become a paying member. Knowing the “no refunds” rules upfront sets clear expectations.


While morphing selfies into baby previews can be entertaining, Baby Face Generator’s subscription fees can add up if you let the app slip from mind. When you’re ready to delete your account, be aware completely removing your information takes an extra step beyond just cancelling payments.

You can halt recurring subscription charges through your device’s app store settings or payment provider with just a few taps. But the Baby Face Generator team will keep data like your uploaded photos, morph results, and account details on file indefinitely unless you specifically request erasure.

So if no longer wanting your information in their systems, you must email Baby Face Generator’s support team after unsubscribing. Send an account deletion request to [email protected] including your name and login email. This added message asks them to purge associated personal data.

The key actions when cutting ties with this face morphing app are:

  • Cancel the auto-renewing subscription as desired
  • Follow up via email to have your account deleted
  • Remove stored payment methods for complete separation

We know winding down a neglected app membership and removing your info can feel like a headache. But with the right steps, you can easily move on from Baby Face Generator without your data lingering in their systems forever.


1: Why is baby face generator charging me?

Baby Face Generator offers a free 3-day trial. Once the trial ends, it automatically starts charging the weekly or yearly subscription rate you agreed to when signing up. Subscriptions continue renewing automatically until you cancel them. If you’re being charged after taking the 3-day free trial, it means the subscription has moved to paid status. Review your membership and billing details in the app or your device’s subscription manager to cancel further renewals.

2: Where is the baby face generator membership page?

Baby Face Generator does not have a dedicated membership page on its website. To view your subscription status and billing details, check the subscription manager in your phone or tablet’s app store settings where you originally signed up. You can cancel or turn off auto-renewals there directly as well.

3: How do I login to baby face generator?

Baby Face Generator does not require creating a login or account to use the app. Once downloaded, simply open the app and you can start using Baby Face Generator by uploading photos. An account system with login credentials is not currently part of the service.

4: Why can’t I cancel baby face generator subscription?

If you cannot locate the cancellation option for your Baby Face Generator subscription, make sure to check your device’s subscription manager accessed through its app store or settings screen. This is usually the portal required to view and manage app subscriptions. If still having trouble cancelling after checking there, contact Baby Face Generator customer support by email for assistance removing your subscription.

5: How do I get a refund from baby face generator app?

Unfortunately, Baby Face Generator’s policy is that they do not provide any subscription fee refunds regardless of the cancellation reason once you have paid. While you can halt future renewals, you cannot receive a refund including for any remaining time left in already paid subscription periods after cancellation. This no-refund policy is made clear in their terms when signing up.

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