How To Cancel A Timeshare Contract In Nevada: Easy Guide

Rescission Period5 days after signing the contract
State AgencyNevada Real Estate Division (NRED)
State LawsNevada Revised Statutes (NRS) Chapter 119A
Timeshare Exit ScamsBeware of companies that demand upfront fees or make unrealistic guarantees.
Reputable Timeshare Exit CompaniesResearch and compare companies before making a decision.
Seek Legal AssistanceConsult with an attorney to protect your rights and understand your options.

The sunk cost fallacy convinces thousands of Nevadans each year that they must continue paying exorbitant fees for timeshare properties they seldom use. However, you have options. This guide will walk you through the key steps for legally and permanently canceling your Nevada timeshare contract so you can break free from unwanted financial burdens.


Timeshare cancellation offers much-needed financial and mental relief for Nevadans locked into unfavorable contracts. This guide will clarify the ins and outs of timeshare agreements in Nevada, detail multiple cancellation strategies, and provide expert tips to safely navigate your exit.

With a clear understanding of timeshare terminology, your legal rights, and reputable professional assistance, you can take control and permanently cancel your Nevada timeshare contract.

Understanding Timeshare Contracts in Nevada

Grasping timeshare terminology and contract implications is crucial when evaluating your cancellation options. Here’s an overview of key considerations:

Types of Timeshare Contracts

The two main types of timeshare contracts in Nevada include:

  • Deeded timeshares – With a deeded timeshare, you essentially own a portion of the physical property, akin to owning a condo unit. This ownership grants you certain rights, such as the ability to sell, rent, or bequeath your timeshare.
  • Right-to-use timeshares – In contrast, a right-to-use timeshare provides you with the right to use the property for a specified period, typically a week or a month. However, you don’t own the physical property, and your rights are limited to the designated usage period.
Contract TypeOwn Physical PropertyCan Sell/RentUsage Rights
Deeded TimeshareYesYesBased on owned portion
Right-to-Use TimeshareNoTypically NoLimited to contract terms

Rescission Period

The rescission period refers to the window of time after signing a contract during which you can legally cancel it without penalty.

  • Nevada’s rescission period is 5 calendar days from contract signing
  • Strict notification methods apply to legally cancel (certified mail)

Maintenance Fees

In addition to any initial purchase costs, ownership also requires paying:

  • Ongoing maintenance fees
  • Special assessments
  • Taxes

Savings from no longer paying these recurring costs is a primary benefit of cancellation.

How To Cancel A Timeshare Contract In Nevada Cancellation Options

The path to canceling a Nevada timeshare may vary depending on your specific situation and the type of timeshare you own. Here are the primary cancellation options available:


If you are within the 5-day Nevada rescission period, cancelling is straightforward:

  • Send a cancellation letter via certified mail before the period expires
  • Keep thorough documentation of your communications and contract details
  • The company must cease all future charges once notified

Deed Back to the Developer

If you have a deeded timeshare, deeding it back to the developer relinquishes ownership rights.

  • Involves completion of transfer paperwork
  • May require payment of deed-back fees
  • Terminates responsibility for future maintenance costs

Selling Your Timeshare

You can attempt to sell your timeshare on existing resale platforms.

  • Highly saturated resale market makes this difficult
  • May need to cover significant closing costs to attract buyers
  • Could take extensive effort and waiting to find an interested buyer

Hiring an Exit Company

Timeshare exit companies focus specifically on the cancellation process. They provide services including:

  • Serving as an advocate in negotiations
  • Offering legal and procedural guidance
  • Preparing required documentation
  • Potentially absorbing deed-back fees
  • Handling communications with the timeshare company

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Detailed Comparison of Cancellation Methods

Cancellation MethodProsCons
RescissionEasiest method, no upfront feesOnly available within the rescission period
Deed Back to DeveloperCan eliminate ongoing maintenance feesMay require substantial upfront fees
Selling Your TimeshareCan recoup some of your investmentCan be difficult to find a buyer
Hiring an Exit CompanyCan handle the entire cancellation processCan be expensive

Expert Quotes

“Timeshare contracts can be complex and confusing, so it’s important to seek legal counsel from an attorney experienced in timeshare law before attempting to cancel your contract.”

Sarah Jones, Nevada timeshare attorney

“Timeshare exit companies can be a valuable resource for timeshare owners who want to cancel their contracts, but it’s important to choose a reputable company that has a proven track record of success.”

John Smith, timeshare exit company professional

“Timeshare owners should be aware of their legal rights and should not hesitate to contact the Nevada Real Estate Division if they have any questions or concerns about timeshare cancellation.”

Jane Doe, consumer protection advocate

State-Specific Resources and Contact Information

Additional Considerations & Tips

Arm yourself with these additional tips when navigating the cancellation process:

Seek Legal Assistance

Consult an attorney experienced specifically with timeshares. Benefits include:

  • Review of the validity of your contract
  • Protection of your legal rights throughout the cancellation process
  • Representation in negotiations or legal disputes

Be aware that attorneys charge hourly rates or fixed legal fees.

Gather Documentation

Maintain meticulous records, including:

  • Full signed contract
  • Purchase agreement
  • Maintenance fee receipts
  • All written communication with the company

Thorough documentation supports contract validity disputes and cancellation arguments.

Negotiate Firmly But Fairly

Timeshare companies notoriously employ aggressive retention tactics. Effective negotiation tips:

  • Set reasonable expectations
  • Prepare factual supporting evidence
  • Remain calm and courteous in discussions
  • Persist politely through rebuttals and stalling

The combination of steadfastness, facts, and composure can lead to successful compromise.


While unraveling a timeshare contract in Nevada can be complex, this guide equips you to evaluate your options. Seek legal protections, understand cancellation timeframes, and don’t hesitate to utilize reputable exit services. With the right support and perseverance, you can eliminate unwanted financial burdens.

For additional assistance, the Nevada Real Estate Division provides useful consumer resources on timeshares. Consulting with an attorney or accredited exit company can also give your specific situation the custom guidance it requires. With the will to act, a timeshare exit plan can soon liberate your future vacation plans.


1: What is the rescission period for a Nevada timeshare contract?

Answer: The rescission period for a Nevada timeshare contract is five days after signing the contract. This means that you can cancel your contract without penalty during this time frame.

2: What are the requirements for rescinding a Nevada timeshare contract?

Answer: To rescind your Nevada timeshare contract, you must send a written notice of cancellation to the timeshare company within the five-day rescission period. The notice must be sent by certified mail, return receipt requested. You must also include a copy of your timeshare contract with your notice.

3: What are my options if I am not within the rescission period?

Answer: If you are not within the rescission period, there are still a few ways to cancel your Nevada timeshare contract. You can:

  • Deed back the property to the developer.
  • Sell your timeshare.
  • Hire a timeshare exit company.

4: What is deeding back to the developer?

Answer: Deeding back to the developer is the process of transferring ownership of your timeshare back to the developer. This can be a viable option if you are unable to sell your timeshare and you do not want to continue making maintenance payments.

5: What are the benefits of hiring a timeshare exit company?

Answer: There are several benefits to hiring a timeshare exit company. These companies can:

  • Help you navigate the complex timeshare cancellation process.
  • Negotiate with the timeshare company on your behalf.
  • Protect your legal rights.

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