How To Cancel Tsunami Car Wash Membership: With 2 Ways

Are you stuck in an endless cycle of automatic payments to Tsunami Express? Do you cringe every time you see that monthly charge hit your bank account for a service you no longer use or want? Canceling a car wash membership can feel impossible, but it doesn’t have to be!

In this post, we’ll walk through the steps to cancel your Tsunami Express membership once and for all. No more feeling trapped or wasting money on unused washes. We’ll cover exactly who to contact, what information you need, and how to ensure the cancellation goes smoothly.

So if you’re fed up with paying for a membership you don’t use, let’s wash those worries away. By the end of this article, you’ll have broken free of those monthly car wash fees and kept that cash in your pocket where it belongs. The waves of savings start now!

How to Cancel Your Tsunami Express Membership Via Phone

Cancelling your Tsunami car wash membership is a breeze when you know who to contact and what information to have ready. The process can be completed in just a few minutes, saving you from paying for any more unused washes. Follow these simple steps to cancel your membership:

  • Call Tsunami’s Member Support line at 219-400-3700. Let them know you want to cancel your membership.
  • Provide your name, phone number, license plate number, and account number if you have it. This allows them to pull up your account.
  • Request that your membership be cancelled immediately. The representative will process your cancellation request right away.
  • Ask for a confirmation number for your records and note the cancellation date.

That’s it! Once those steps are complete, your membership will be cancelled and no more payments will be processed. Wasn’t that easy? You’re now on your way to keeping some extra cash in your pocket!

How to Cancel Your Tsunami Express Membership Via Email

Canceling your Tsunami membership through email is fast and easy. With just a quick email to their support team, you can terminate your account and stop those monthly charges.

Follow these steps to cancel via email:

  • Draft an email to [email protected] stating you want to cancel your Tsunami membership.
  • Include your full name, address, phone number, and membership account number in the email. This helps them identify your account.
  • Clearly state you want to terminate your membership and cancel automatic payments immediately.
  • Request a confirmation email that your membership cancellation request has been processed.
  • Keep the cancellation email for your records.

Once Tsunami Express Support receives your cancellation email, they will terminate your membership within 3 business days and reply confirming. Then you can discontinue any automatic payments tied to the cancelled account.

Tsunami Membership Pricing

Tsunami Express offers a variety of membership packages to fit different wash frequency needs and budgets. Their membership plans provide great value for frequent car washers. Check out the different pricing options:

MembershipPriceWashes/MonthPer Wash Price

Whether you hit the Tsunami tunnel twice a month or multiple times per week, there’s a membership suited for you. The more often you wash, the more you save with bulk pricing. Now let’s look at the add-on packages they offer:

Tsunami Add-On Packages

Enhance your membership with these convenient add-on wash packages:

  • 6 Wax & Wave Washes – Buy 4, Get 6 for $64
  • 3 Wax & Wave Washes – Buy 2, Get 3 for $32

The Wax & Wave wash takes your car’s shine to the next level with extra wax application. Add this premium wash into your membership with discounted prepaid packages.

Top Alternatives To Tsunami Car Wash

Here is a of top 10 competitors of Tsunami Car Wash:

SpiffyOnline platform to book on-demand car wash & detailing service. Users can book via their platform or mobile app. Services include washes, oil changes, disinfection, and more.Charlotte, NC2014$90.8 million
EverWashOnline platform to avail car washing services. Partners with carwash owners and enables real-time booking. Offers monthly membership plans.Philadelphia, PA2010$6 million
Tommy’s ExpressApp-based platform to book car washing and detailing. Provides car plate recognition to detect license plates automatically. Also offers franchises.Grandville, MI2016$54.2 million
WayApp-based platform to find parking, insurance, and car wash services. Allows booking of airport parking, hourly parking, city parking, car washes, and insurance quotes.Sunnyvale, CA2012$3.4 million
Club Car WashProvider of car washing services with locations across the US. Offers membership plans, fleet plans, and single wash options.Columbia, MO2006Undisclosed
Zips Car WashOnline booking platform for car wash services. Offers subscription-based monthly membership plans.Springdale, AR2004Undisclosed
CherryOn-demand car wash service. Customers can check-in online and have their parked car washed on-site.San Francisco, CA1995$5.25 million
Ride KleenEco-friendly car wash & detailing services booked online. Offers waterless steam cleaning, waxing, interior cleaning, and more.Bryn Athyn, PA2013$1.13 million
Caliber Car WashOnline booking platform for car washes. Provides membership program for regular users.Atlanta, GA2018Undisclosed
WashosApp-based on-demand mobile car cleaning marketplace. Offers car detailing packages starting at $40.Burbank, CA2014Undisclosed

Tsunami Express Refund Policy

Tsunami Express aims to provide exceptional customer service, and that includes fair refund policies for members. If you have unused prepaid washes or want to cancel an active monthly membership, Tsunami Express will process refunds accordingly:

Prepaid Washes

If you purchased a prepaid wash package upfront, you are eligible for a refund on any unused washes. This includes the 6 Wax & Wave bundle or 3 Wax & Wave bundle. To request a prepaid wash refund, call the Tsunami Member Support line at 219-400-3700. Provide your account information and the number of unused washes. The representative will process a refund to your original payment method for the proportional amount.

Monthly Memberships

For active monthly memberships like Bronze, Silver, Gold, or Platinum, Tsunami Express issues partial refunds when you cancel. The refund amount is prorated based on the remaining days left in your current billing cycle. For example, if you cancel your monthly membership halfway through the billing cycle, you will be refunded 50% of that month’s fee.

To request a partial membership refund, call the number above and indicate you want to cancel your plan. Provide your account details for identification. The representative can process the prorated refund immediately. Allow 2-3 billing cycles for the refund to show up in your account.

The Tsunami Member Support team handles all refund requests Monday-Friday during normal business hours. Be sure to call them as soon as possible so you discontinuing your membership coincides with the refund. This ensures you only pay for the washes you have used.

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What is Tsunami Express Car Wash?

Tsunami Express is a premium automatic car wash service with over 15 locations across Wisconsin and Indiana. They aim to provide a high-quality wash experience along with convenient membership plans.

Key Features:

  • State-of-the-art wash tunnel with soft touch materials
  • Multiple wash package options
  • Rainbow foam conditioner and turtle wax protectant
  • Spot-free rinse
  • Underbody wash
  • Free self-serve vacuums and mat cleaning

Tsunami Express Locations

Tsunami Express has expanded to offer their express washes across two states:

StateNumber of Locations

Whether you’re in Greenfield or Gary, you can find a Tsunami location nearby.


We walked through the ins and outs of cancelling your Tsunami membership – from who to call to what details you need handy. By following these simple steps, you can take control of your monthly car wash bills. Spend that cash on something more useful than a service you aren’t using. Ditch the Tsunami membership that doesn’t fit your needs anymore and wave goodbye to those fees.

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