Cancel Peoplewhiz Subscription In Easy Steps

Have you ever signed up for an online service, only to later realize it wasn’t the right fit? Maybe the background check reports from PeopleWhiz weren’t as detailed as you expected. Or perhaps after searching a few people, you don’t need access anymore but keep getting billed every month.

If you’ve realized PeopleWhiz isn’t for you and want to cancel your subscription, you may have quickly learned it’s not as easy as signing up. The cancellation and opt-out process can be frustratingly difficult to find.

Believe me, I’ve been there. I signed up to do some searches without realizing just how expensive a monthly subscription could get. And then when I was ready to cancel my account, I could barely even find the cancellation link in my account settings. I had to dig through endless webpages and make multiple calls before finally cancelling PeopleWhiz for good.

The good news is, you don’t have to go through the same hassle. In this guide, I’ll outline everything you need to know to easily:

  • Cancel your PeopleWhiz subscription by phone or email
  • Opt-out and permanently delete your data from their platform
  • Get answers to frequently asked questions about the cancellation process

Cancelling Peoplewhiz Through Phone Call

The fastest way to cancel your PeopleWhiz subscription is to call their customer support line directly at (833) 276-9449. When you call, make sure to have your account information ready to provide so they can quickly access your account.

To cancel your subscription by phone:

  1. Call PeopleWhiz at (833) 276-9449 – This is the customer service line to start the cancellation process. Double check you dial this number correctly.
  2. Provide your account details – The representative will first ask for your account details, including full name, email on the account, and subscription number. Have these handy to speed up the process.
  3. Clearly state you want to cancel – Once accessed your account, clearly state that you want to cancel your PeopleWhiz subscription. Tell them you would no longer like to be billed or have an active subscription.
  4. Confirm the cancellation – Before ending the call, ensure the representative confirms they have cancelled your account and subscription. You should receive a cancellation number or code for reference.

Cancelling Peoplewhiz Through Email

If you prefer to have your cancellation request in writing, you can email PeopleWhiz customer support directly. Send all the details through to the support email address [email protected].

To cancel your subscription by email:

  1. Draft an email to [email protected] – Open up your email and start a new message to their customer support address provided.
  2. Include your account details – In the email body, provide your full name, email on file, subscription number, and any other relevant account details.
  3. Clearly request cancellation – Write out that you want to cancel your PeopleWhiz subscription effective immediately. State you would no longer like to be billed.
  4. Request confirmation – Ask them to reply back confirming they have cancelled your subscription. Keep the email as evidence until you receive confirmation.
  5. Follow up if needed – If you do not receive a reply email within 48 hours confirming cancellation from the support team, send a follow up email or call to confirm.

How to Opt Out and Remove Your Information from PeopleWhiz

When you search for yourself on PeopleWhiz and find all your personal details available without consent, you likely want that information down immediately. You have the right to control what private records are made public about you. The good news is PeopleWhiz allows you to permanently delete your profile from their database with a few key steps for identity verification.

Here is a step-by-step process for opting out of PeopleWhiz

  1. Go to the PeopleWhiz opt-out page at
  2. Enter your first and last name, city, and state to search for your listing.
  3. When your listing appears, click the “That’s me” button to select it.
  4. Enter a valid email address when prompted to confirm your identity.
  5. Upload a photo ID when asked to further verify yourself.
  6. Check the verification email PeopleWhiz sends and click the confirmation link.
  7. Allow up to 5 business days for PeopleWhiz to process the request and remove your information.
  8. After 24-48 hours, search for yourself on PeopleWhiz again and confirm your records were removed.
  9. If your listing reappears later, contact PeopleWhiz again to remove the new records.

Necessay Information About Peoplewhiz

Here’s a summarized pricing and plans table based on the provided information:

Cost to Use PeopleWhizFlexible pricing for single background checks, multiple checks, or ongoing checks over months. Special offers available.
Customer SupportCall anytime at (833) 276-9449 for questions about account, billing, or pricing.
Subscription FeaturesAll paid subscriptions include unlimited background reports.
Report AccessAccess personal information, aliases, family members, contact info, property records, criminal and arrest reports, and more.
Subscription RenewalAutomatic renewal unless canceled. Access to reports even after cancellation for the remainder of the term.
Accepted Payment MethodsVisa, MasterCard, and Discover cards issued in the U.S.
View Previously Purchased ReportsOn the PeopleWhiz dashboard, select the specific report to view stored files.
Charges for Unsuccessful SearchesPeopleWhiz charges for running the background check, not for the results. No charge if no criminal or arrest records found.
Charge Appearance on Credit CardDisplayed as PEOPLEWHIZ*COM on the credit card statement.
Unauthorized ChargesPayments processed when someone signs up for a monthly membership or single-use background check.
Billing History & InvoicesBilling history stored on the dashboard with transaction details, including services purchased, payment method, and date.
Cancellation ProcessCall customer service or email with membership details for an easy cancellation process.
Site SuggestionsPeopleWhiz welcomes suggestions from users. Contact them here 24/7 to share your ideas.

Is PeopleWhiz A Legit Site & Complaints?

What’s Good?

  • Data Depth: Access detailed background reports covering names, addresses, phone numbers, and more.

Areas of Concern:

  • Accuracy Disclaimer: Recognizes that data is sourced from third parties, meaning full accuracy isn’t guaranteed.
  • Pricing Transparency: Some users find pricing information not entirely transparent, leading to inquiries with customer support.

User Feedback:

Positive Experiences:

  • Users express satisfaction with the comprehensiveness of search results.

Complaints Highlight:

  • Instances where users raise concerns, labeling PeopleWhiz as fraudulent or citing insufficient information.

Overall Assessment:

  • Strengths: Robust tool for in-depth background checks.
  • Considerations: Keep in mind potential data accuracy limitations.
  • Advice: Check user reviews, reach out to customer support for specific pricing details, and set expectations based on individual needs.

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Alternatives To Peoplewhiz

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8USA People Search


In summary, canceling your PeopleWhiz subscription and ensuring the removal of your personal information involves a straightforward process. Whether opting for a quick phone call or sending an email, we’ve provided clear steps to make the cancellation hassle-free. Additionally, taking control of your data privacy by opting out from PeopleWhiz is crucial. Follow the detailed guide, including identity verification steps, to permanently delete your profile from their database. We’ve also highlighted key information about PeopleWhiz, from pricing details and customer support contacts to the features you can access with a subscription.


1. I opted out of PeopleWhiz, but my information is still online. What should I do?

Opting out of one data broker like PeopleWhiz doesn’t guarantee your information will vanish entirely. Many other brokers may still hold your data. You can find out which ones by searching your name online and using resources like the opt-out guides listed in the article. Alternatively, consider an automated data removal service like Incogni that tackles multiple brokers simultaneously.

2. Is opting out of all data brokers really possible?

Achieving complete online privacy is a continuous effort, not a one-time fix. While opting out of individual brokers helps, new data aggregators may emerge, and remnants of your information may linger in hidden corners of the internet. However, persistent effort through opt-outs, data removal services, and privacy-conscious practices can significantly reduce your online footprint and protect your sensitive information.

3. Can I sue PeopleWhiz for keeping my information listed after opting out?

The legal landscape surrounding data privacy is complex and evolving. While there have been cases of successful lawsuits against data brokers for violating opt-out requests, the process can be lengthy and expensive. Opt-out efforts and data removal services remain the more practical avenues for most individuals seeking to reclaim control over their information.

4. Are there any free ways to remove my information from PeopleWhiz and other data brokers?

While some data brokers offer free opt-out forms, others may require paid subscriptions or services. However, several free resources exist to help you navigate the process, such as the opt-out guides mentioned in the article and websites like Remember, even free options require your time and effort to implement effectively.

5. Is it worth taking the time to opt out of data brokers like PeopleWhiz?

Whether opting out is worth your time depends on your individual priorities and risk tolerance. If you value online privacy and control over your personal information, the effort can be well worth it. Taking steps to reduce your online footprint can bring peace of mind and protect you from potential misuse of your data.

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