How To Cancel a Timeshare Contract In South Carolina

ResourceDescriptionContact Info
South Carolina Department of Consumer AffairsState consumer protection agency that handles timeshare complaints and disputes
South Carolina Real Estate CommissionRegulates real estate transactions; can help address allegations of timeshare fraud 
Attorney General’s OfficeCan file consumer complaints about timeshare fraud or exit scams here as well 
Pineapple Consulting LLCExample of a reputable timeshare exit company with fair policies
Burke & AssociatesTrusted South Carolina law firm specializing in timeshare cancellation cases

Getting out of a timeshare legally in South Carolina requires navigating consumer protection laws, working with specialized exit firms, and securing legal advice in tricky cases. This guide covers everything from cancellation rights to fraud alerts when terminating your contract.

What Are Timeshares and Why Do People Want Out?

Timeshares provide vacation ownership and guaranteed annual access to specific resort properties. But maintenance fees, lacking flexibility, and aggressive sales tactics leave many buyers wanting to cancel contracts signed initially in high pressure environments.

Overview of South Carolina Cancellation Laws

South Carolina statutes establish notable timeshare buyer rights, like a 5-day “cooling off” cancellation window post-purchase. State law also allows exit later than this period given certain qualifying conditions.

1. The 5-Day Rescission Period

All SC timeshare contracts must permit the buyer to cancel with full refund in writing within 5 calendar days of signing. This allows you to void the deal if second thoughts arise shortly after a high-pressure sales presentation.

2. Extended Cancellations Due to Fraud

If the timeshare seller outright lied, omitted material facts that affected your buying decisions, or exercised duress depriving you judgement, SC laws may allow contract cancellations past the typical 5-day window. This applies broadly to all real estate deals under SC’s real estate license law. You must be able to evidence misconduct or impaired capacity happened using documents, witnesses or records.

Working With a Reputable Timeshare Exit Company

Exit firms specialize in helping owners terminate unwanted timeshare contracts for a fee. Research thoroughly, as disreputable operators in the space do exist. Key warning signs of an exit scam include:

  • Requests full upfront fees before rendering any cancellations services
  • Makes claims too good to be true about easy exits or super fast turnarounds
  • Lacks proper business licensing in South Carolina
  • Cannot provide references from successfully helped former timeshare owners

Vet exit companies carefully before engaging services.

Step-by-Step Process to Cancel Your Timeshare

Follow precise steps when moving to terminate your South Carolina timeshare contract:

Step 1: Thoroughly Review the Timeshare Purchase Contract

Carefully read through the full timeshare purchase contract signed at the time of buying. Key items to look for:

  • The cancellation period section – Note any cooling off period terms allowing no-questions-asked cancellation within 5 calendar days per South Carolina law or longer periods if stipulated.
  • Qualifying conditions – Understand on what legal grounds the contract can be canceled beyond cooling off periods, like duress during sales process or material misrepresentations by the seller.
  • Refund policies – Check if 100% of amounts paid to date must be refunded upon valid cancellations, or if refunds due decline over time.
  • Cancellation notification process – Specifically note if notifications must be submitted written or verbal, process for delivery to company, confirmation of receipt required, etc. Adhere precisely to these terms later when canceling.

Fully understanding rights, cancellation grounds, and notification logistics in the existing contract simplifies proper termination later.

Step 2: Gather Documentation to Support Cancellation Basis

To prove valid legal grounds for cancellation beyond cooling off periods per South Carolina law, carefully gather pertinent records, like:

  • Written correspondence showing misleading claims or outright lies told by timeshare salespeople which induced you to buy. Having a paper trail of deceptions told that influenced your purchase decision can demonstrate fraud occurred.
  • Witness statements from others present when high pressure sales tactics or intimidating behaviors above the legal definition of duress took place during contract signing meetings. Witness accounts can validate coercion.
  • Medical records indicating that illness may have compromised mental capacity during the time of signing a complex legal contract. Impaired judgement could impact the validity of terms acceptance.

Gather applicable evidence to back cancellation claims beyond just buyer’s remorse.

Step 3: Issue Formal Contract Cancellation Notice to Company

Draft a cancellation letter with the following components:

  • Introductory paragraph with your full legal name and timeshare contract details like property name and contract number for reference.
  • Clear statement revoking and voiding the timeshare contract citing the applicable cancellation provisions in South Carolina law – like 5 day cooling off rights or extended fraud-based rights.
  • Overview of supporting facts and documentation that proves your grounds for legally cancelling under state statute.
  • Explicit request for refund of all amounts paid to date under the voided contract.
  • Copies of documentation and evidence supporting cancellation grounds attached.
  • Send via method meeting notification terms in original contract –Typically certified US mail with delivery confirmation.

Submit this full written cancellation notice package as soon as feasible upon deciding to terminate a SC timeshare.

Step 4: Allow Timelines for Company Response

Upon receiving a qualifying cancellation letter, South Carolina laws require timeshare companies refund any payments made within 45 days in most cases. Allow for this processing timeline before adverse actions. Most reputable firms will coordinate cancellations and payments owed thereupon quickly when properly notified.

Step 5: Pursue Legal Counsel if Needed

If the 45 day refund period lapses without payment, or a company outright refuses to honor cancellation rights, immediately consult a lawyer. An attorney can apply added legal pressure regarding state consumer protections. They may issue further demands to the company, file complaints to regulatory bodies on your behalf, or directly pursue financial judgements if warranted. Their counsel navigates refusal scenarios.

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The Value of Speaking with a Timeshare Attorney

Because exercising cancellation rights often involves intricate state laws and real estate regulations, discussing your specific contract exit situation with a qualified legal professional can provide great value in many cases by:

  • Helping determine if breach of statute or consumer fraud truly occurred in your purchase process.
  • Clarifying which specific provisions or protections in South Carolina laws apply to your cancellation eligibility.
  • Drafting legally sound contract termination notices and demands to the timeshare company.
  • Applying added legal pressure when companies refuse cooperation on cancellation requests.
  • Spotting any remaining owner obligations or risks after exiting a timeshare.


Exiting an unwanted South Carolina timeshare contract centers on understanding state statutory rights, gathering complete documentation, hiring trustworthy exit specialists, allowing for proper legal cancellations notice periods, and securing attorney support to compel refunds when prudent. Arm yourself with knowledge of consumer protections around high-pressure timeshare sales, then carefully execute cancellation using services ensuring the highest likelihood of a smooth, permanent exit.


Q1: How long is the cooling-off period for canceling a SC timeshare?

A: South Carolina law mandates a 5-calendar day right to cancel period on all timeshare purchases in the state during which written notice can void the contract.

Q2: Can you cancel a SC timeshare after the cooling-off period ends?

A: Yes, SC law allows buyers to still exercise cancellation rights beyond 5 days if clear evidence proves the seller used outright fraud, deceit, or duress during the sales process, impairing buyer judgement.

Q3: Does a timeshare company have to refund your money if properly canceled?

A: South Carolina statutes say validly canceled timeshare contracts require companies fully refund any monies paid within 45 days in most cases.

Q4: How much do timeshare exit companies typically charge?

A: Reputable exit firms normally charge 15-35% of the original purchase price. Calculate costs precisely before contracting services.

Q5: When should you contact a timeshare attorney?

A: Consulting a lawyer helps if you need assistance determining if statutory cancellation rights apply, drafting notices to companies, or legally compelling refunds after valid cancellations.

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